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HydroCo introduce the latest in Vichy Shower technology. 
Water and energy are both very precious resources and the traditional Vichy Shower has gained a reputation as being a high consumer of both. With the right training and an understanding of the value of these resources even the traditional Vichy Shower can be operated responsibly, unfortunately this seems easier said than done. 

The desire to flood bathers with as much water as possible in order to create an experience just seems too tempting. Of course flooding the body with multiple showers with flowing warm water is also a way to keep bathers warm during treatments and so the practice continues.

Typically a 7 head Vichy Shower allows up to 10 litres per minute (2.5gpm) per showerhead 7 showerheads equates to 70 litres per minute (17.5gpm) and a 20 minute treatment could consume as much as 1400 litres (350 gallons), this is an alarming waste of such a precious resource!

HydroCo recognize that the above factors are the main cause of Vichy Showers being associated with wasting vast amounts of water. What many people don’t realize is that the more hot water used the more energy that is consumed. Water has to be heated prior to use and typically hot water services are inefficient, with much of the heat dissipated through plumbing lines from the heating system. So what can be done to bring the Vichy Shower to being an acceptable treatment?

Hydrosave Colour 7 Automated Vichy Shower (HCAVS)
HCAVS is an electronically controlled shower system that enables individual shower heads to be programmed to operate as and when required throughout treatments. One of the main advantages of this is that shower heads can be activated ahead of the therapist’s movements. 

The showerhead or heads can be timed to sequence over the bathers’ body and thus prompting the therapist to follow the shower flow. As opposed to relying upon the therapist to be responsible to maximise the use of the resource. Sequential shower head operation also creates an incredible experience as well as keeping the body warm using as little as one shower head instead of operating all 7 heads - remember that the shower heads can cycle over the body as and when programmed to do so.

Of course all showerheads can operate simultaneously and again the timing can be programmed. The ability to run programmes will also enable the therapists a less hands on approach where appropriate - let the shower cycling do some of the wet work!

Soundsave is an additional feature to the incredible water saving ability of the programmed shower heads, HydroCo have introduced another first - Soundsave.  Soundsave utilizes crisp audio recordings to simulate the shower spray sound.

HydroCo’s research shows that bathers feel a better experience when the Soundsave system is activated along with the shower head. Recorded sound of water being sprayed to enhance the real water spray fools the bather into believing that considerably more water is flowing over them. So less water and energy can be consumed by fooling the senses. As each shower head is activated the volume of Soundsaveincreases. 

In-Room audio can be selected at the control panel and a pre-recorded sound track will play along with the Soundsave audio.  Listen to the deep vibrations of a didgeridoo playing in the background and the haunting chants of a tribal female, you will be looking around expecting to see company in the room.

Soundsave is enhanced by the HydroColour lighting system – another first!  As each shower head activates in program, the shower head pours out a rich soothing pre-selected colour - blue, green, orange etc  this not only heightens the bathers experience but also the therapists, you will never want to shower a bather again without HydroColour lighting effect.

HydroCo’s innovative HCAVS will save water & energy and of course this means the saving of money. The technology HydroCo have developed makes this Vichy Shower system the ultimate experience.  It is smart technology and demonstrates that solutions can be found for most problems we as humans create.  A Vichy Shower that can consume around 80% less water than a traditional Vichy Shower and without compromising the experience, in-fact enhancing the experience must be of consideration when wet treatments are being introduced in your facility.


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