Birthing Bath i12

  • High Quality Desgin and Manufacture
  • One Piece Moulding
  • Passive Heating - Maintains water at 37 Deg
  • Removable handshower for autocaving/sterilization
  • Optional Electro/Mechanical lift
  • Optional Dimmable in-bath lighting

We have utilized our smooth seamless, one‐piece moulding process to produce the bath/pool and surround panels ‐ this is a very important feature as it enables easy to clean / sanitize all surfaces – no moulded joints / gaps for bacteria to accumulate!

The top edge of the pool has been designed for maximum comfort for the birthing assistant ‐ providing flat support surfaces to lean or sitl on. The width of the rim and the radius has been developed to provide maximum spread of weight over load bearing surfaces of the body.

The birthing bath is moulded from high‐impact, Vinyl ester / polyester glass reinforced plastic ‐ all surfaces are high gloss Sanitary Grade material appropriate for use.

Birthing Bath structure will be a non‐creep solid moulding with reinforced support base frame. 

Integral Heating
Pool walls and base will incorporate integral Heating to passively heat the water within the bath ‐ Water temperature can be maintained within the bath to approx 37 Deg Celcius


Pool fitted with High‐flow hot & cold pool fill valves for quick, efficient pool filling. 

Hot water supply line protected via TMV (safety valve).
Mechanically operated drains to ensure fast draining of pool. Pool will drain from bathing level to below entry / exit door in approximately 60 seconds.

Birthing bath features a removable hand shower for autoclave to 121 Celsius.

If required, the birthing bath surround panel can be supplied with a recess (5 – 10mm ) around the entire circumference to accommodate flush sealing of floor covering / water proofing.

Option for dimmable lighting available.

Entry & exit step available.

The pools are supplied standard high gloss sanitary‐grade White – also available in custom

Hygienic Maintenance:
‐ The sanitary grade bath surface requires sanitizing after each and every use.
‐ Liquid hospital grade sanitizers including chlorine can be used on all surfaces.
‐ Soft sponge or cloth is to be used to clean the surface with sanitizer.
‐ Use plenty of fresh water to rinse all surfaces.
‐ To avoid scratching ‐ scourers, harsh materials, powder cleansers MUST NOT be used on the surface of the pool.


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