Thermal 3


  • Electronic controls at your fingertips
  • Vichy shower, steam unit and hydrotherapy tub in one
  • Includes aromatherapy, colourlight therapy, hand basin, hand shower and hand-held hydrojet (scotch hose)
  • 4 different models available to suit all requirements and budgets
  • Ability for therapist to develop custom program
  • Pre-set programs for Thermal mode and Hydrotherapy mode
  • Marine grade plumbing enabling the safe use of muds and seaweed
  • Automated self-sanitizing rinse cycle ensuring optimum hygiene


The fully optional body treatment capsule

Arguably the most versatile unit available, the Hydrotone Thermal series eliminates the need for multiple pieces of hydrotherapy equipment. Combining a hydrotherapy tub, capsule containing vichy shower heads, wet table, steam, aromatherapy, colour light therapy and hand-held hydrojet (scotch hose) for hydromassage, this is a multipurpose unit. Body scrubs, mud and seaweed masques can be performed with minimal clean-up and, more importantly, the client is kept warm and relaxed in total privacy whilst the therapist remains clean and dry. The infusion of aromatherapy into the wet steam environment enhances the therapeutic treatment of the face and body.

Access to the hydrotherapy tub is gained by the effortless removal of the treatment table. Full electronic controls allows shower and hydrojet zone selection, steam temperature variation, user programmability and pre-set treatment programs.

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