• Heated Water bed
  • Infra-Red Sway Bar
  • Vibration
  • Total Relaxation


Softime's waterbed provides possibly the best support a body can get. As the waterbed is laid upon the water is displaced to contour the entire shape of the body and therefore providing full support – the body is absorbed. With soothing heat and even distribution of body weight, the waterbed is incredibly kind on injured joints and muscles. You can lay on your front, back or side and feel total support and comfort. Temperature range is from ambient to 40 Celsius (104 F).


The Vibration system transmits resonance throughout the waterbed.  The resonance frequency level is adjustable from a soft ripple to a more vibrant pummel.  The sensation generated by the vibration system encourages an incredible state of relaxation for both the body and mind. The combination of heat and vibration relaxes muscles for greater flexibility and range of motion.

InfraRed Sway

The InfraRed Sway delivers the optimum balance across the InfraRed emission spectrum to provide diffuse, pleasant body warming. Heating the body in a way that matches best human skin properties. The InfraRed emission reach below the Dermis to the subcutaneous layer of the skin. InfraRed heat is absolutely ideal for use to enhance the infusion process of vitamin, mud or seaweed wraps. InfraRed heat is efficient and used to provide treatment to relieve pain in muscles and joints and in many cases provides rapid and effective pain relief. InfraRed is also used to relieve pain from Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Softime has been designed to enable a variety of efficient and beneficial services within the beauty & wellness industry.  In addition to this Softime is an ideal product for personal use in the home, it requires standard electrical supply and can be up and operating within hours of delivery.

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