1611 or 720.... The Choice is Yours...


  • Water level – Up to 750mm
  • Water heater & multi stage filtration
  • Water level may be adjusted throughout the treatment
  • Speed Range up to 9kph – smooth variable speed drive
  • Touch pad display and controls.
  • Integrated operators platform to stand at a better height, and be able to reach over as required
  • Stainless Steel frame structure
  • Clear glass side viewing panel with lean-over cushioning for operator comfort
  • Ramps and operators platform included
  • High flow water transfer pump for fill and empty.
  • Under-deck access panel for ease of cleaning 

K9 HydroTread  720 - internal dimensions of 2.0 m x 0.7 m (79’ x 28’ ) with doors at both ends.


K9HydroTread 1611 - internal dimensions of 1.6m x 1.1m (62” x 43”)


The K9 HYDROTEREAD UNDERWATER TREADMILL  is a spacious pool catering for the largest of dogs and to accommodate an operator when required. There is a standing platform either side of the treadmill belt for the operator to stand on. The treadmill has sufficient torque to accommodate both a large dog and operator at the same time. All surfaces inside the pool are smooth and safe for occupants.

Entry into the pool is through the access door at the front end of the pool. After entering the pool and at the touch of a button, within minutes the pool is filled to the desired level with temperature controlled water. The water level may be adjusted at anytime during use. After each and every use the water is then transferred back into the storage tank where it is heated, treated and filtered automatically. The treadmill may be operated WET OR DRY The touch switch electronic control panel allows full control over water transfer and treadmill operation. The control panel displays SPEED, TIME AND DISTANCE travelled. The control panel also rotates so that it can be operated from within or from outside the pool.

The variable speed treadmill is smooth in operation throughout the speed range - up to 15kph (9.3mph). The K9 HYDROTREAD UNDERWATER TREADMILL  is economical to run, low maintenance, safe and easy to operate. The treadmill deck has been designed to lift at the entry end with minimal effort so that thorough cleaning underside of the treadmill is possible.

The entire The K9 HYDROTREAD UNDERWATER is an-above ground installation and may be disassembled & reassembled at anytime for relocation.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia by Lexko - International leading brand of Hydrotherapy equipment for human and animal health.

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